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Medication is a critical component of many treatment plans for mental health conditions. Almost 13% of Americans take antidepressants. At Beaumont Psychiatric Clinic, in Beaumont, Texas, Jason Mensah, DO, offers customized medication-management services to ensure that your prescription is delivering the results you need to lead a fulfilling life. Call Beaumont Psychiatric Clinic or request a consultation online today if you’re concerned about your mental health and looking for expert, personalized treatment.

Medication Management Q & A

What is medication management?

Many mental health disorders have a brain-chemistry factor. Medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can regulate your neurotransmitter activity, which relieves your symptoms. Medication management is the practice of ensuring that you’re taking the correct dose of the right medication to alleviate your symptoms. 

Dr. Mensah has spent years training in and practicing psychiatry, which includes an in-depth analysis of the different types of medication that can relieve the symptoms of mental health disorders. His goal is to help you feel better so you can focus on resolving any underlying issues that contribute to your mental health condition in therapy.

What is included in medication management?

During your medication-management appointments, you meet with Dr. Mensah to talk about your symptoms, general health, and lifestyle. During your initial evaluation, he asks detailed questions about your personal and family medical history and mental health symptoms. He provides a prescription and schedules a follow-up appointment in approximately a month. 

At your next appointment, you talk about your symptoms and overall health. Depending on how the medication is working for you, Dr. Mensah may adjust your dose, add a drug, or change your prescription. This pattern repeats until you and Dr. Mensah are satisfied with the results of your pharmaceutical treatment. Then you have medication management appointments every six months, although you can certainly schedule an appointment at any time if your symptoms or health change.

Don’t lose heart if it takes a few tries to find the right pharmaceutical treatment for your mental health condition. While Dr. Mensah has extensive knowledge about the different medications available, everyone has a different reaction to medication. He may need to do some fine-tuning to get your prescription just right. 

Why do I need medication management?

Medication management is part of the customization of your treatment and is often critical to alleviating your symptoms. At Beaumont Psychiatric Clinic, Dr. Mensah is committed to delivering outstanding, personalized psychiatric care. His mission is to optimize your mental and physical health, enabling you to lead an active and fulfilling life. 

Call Beaumont Psychiatric Clinic or request a consultation online today for psychiatric medication management services.